Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is NOT a Drill!

So Saturday was interesting. Mom and Dad left that morning to run errands and do some shopping. When they got back they decided to clean the house, which means they got out the noisy vacuums and stuff.

But right before they started, they heard something... At first I thought it was a kitty howling, but then mom looked and dad and said "Seriously?? Okay, kids, this isn't a drill, in the bathroom!"

Next thing I know I'm in the bathroom with Duncan, then we have Simon thrown in, then Alley then Mia. Apparently those noises were tornado sirens! Since we don't have a basement, the safest place for a tornado is a small interior room, and that's our bathroom.

I have learned that the porch is NOT the place to be during a tornado, plus I don't want to see witches on bikes (on in my case annoying teenagers on skateboards, grrr!).

We were all pretty cool, except for Alley who kept making evil devil cat noises and hissing at air. I tried to hear what was going on, but due to the kitty noises of death all I heard was:

Mom: So where's the stor...


Dad: I think it's to the nort....


Mom: So, looks like we dodg.....


Mom: Okay, I'll go let the kids ou....


Finally we were released from the Devil Kitty prison. As we all piled out, I tried to explain the heck that was the bathroom with Alley, so I drew an artist interpretation for mom:

The storm went north of us. Later the sirens came on AGAIN, but it was again north of us. They just turn on the tornado sirens anytime there's a warning in the whole flippin' county. I howled at the siren, mom and dad thought it was funny. I was actually protesting the Devil Kitty Bathroom. It's going to be a long storm season...

Oh, an mom is going out of town for a few days, taking my internets. I'll be back soon! Hugs!


  1. Devil Kitty Bathroom?! BOL! Glad to hear that you survived both the bathroom and the tornadoes!

  2. I'm not sure is skharier - the tornado OR the demon khat?!?


  3. Ditto what Busy Buttons wrote!!!
    Maybe some "earplugs" to keep out the kitty screams....

  4. "Kitty noises of death" - LOL!! Hilarious! Why was Alley making the devil kitty noises? Was it the sirens? Or being forced to be in the bathroom? Well, I'm glad you all survived the experience intact. I don't like tornado scares!

  5. I am NOT going in that bafroom with a debil kitteh, no way, no how you cannot make me. That is the skeeriest pikshure I has efur seened and I dussn't know wot mom is LOLing ofur. The tornader be way less skeerier than that debil kitteh if'n you ask me. But Anna, wot is you waiting fur? Get out there and start digging you a tornader bunker unner the house! I has mine unner the deck. No debil kittehs allowed.

  6. Tornado is looking good next to those kittys, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Roooooooooo ha ha! Oh, I am laughing so hard! Anna, I am so glad we don't have a cat here, because being penned in the bathroom with a devil cat sounds like punishment for pooping in shoes in some countries! We have a basement, but when we have a tornado drill, it's kind of funny here. Mom or Dad tries to convince us to go down the stairs, Dad carries Lilac down and then they have to keep the gate up to keep us all from going back upstairs. If the lights go off, we have to light the kerosene lamp, too. It's good times, I tell you!


  8. Aiiiiieeeee that is one horrible scary picture!!! I can not believe you were put into that... SITUATION. Aiiiiiiieeee maybe witches and stuffs would be.. better.
    BUTT.. those Tornado thingys are nothing to Fool With!!! I have seen the proof of that just 5 miles from my house!!!
    Stay SAFE

  9. Was the tornado in the bathroom ? I would think so with all of you in there at once - yikes that would be scary.

  10. Those kitties are crazy... glad you dodged the storm!

  11. Anna, I do not like the tone of this post. You should be forever grateful you had a chance to be locked in a small room with a kitty. Howling kitty or purring kitty...the pleasure is all yours.

  12. Hey Anna!
    Wow, I'm so glad everyone is safe and sound. OMD the drawing is hysterical! Very funny. Obviously, kitty thought is was a cat-astrophe! Howling at a siren is always fun...best thing next to the moon.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Oooo scary! Is it already tornado season?!?

  14. Wowserz! I don't think I'd want to be locked up in a bathroom, no matter who is inside with me!

    Glad the storm wasn't near you!

    Woofs & hugs,


  15. Holy cat crap!! We're glad you're OK!!

    -Ruby, Gizmo and Bart

  16. haha Is that what you call "howling up a storm?" We're so glad that tornado/storm missed YOU! If you need to escape, you can come down here to SC - we only have hurricanes down here, but not til later in the year.

    The Road Dogs

  17. Skeeeery kitteh! I think you have quite a future as an artist! Glad to hear everyone is ok though :)

  18. Oh dear, you guys stay safe OK? And I mean stay safe from that Demon Cat!!!

  19. Oh, my, being locked in the bathroom with a Devil Cat sounds almost as scary as the tornado. I am very glad that it missed you.

  20. that sounds like our house when the sireens howl, only we go inna middle bedroom, where the cats get unner the bed an' fight because each one wants to be the ONLY one unner it, an' the dbd (dambrowndawg) gets onnit, tryin' to crawl into dad's pocket. she don't yodel along wif the sireens, but xing an' igmu get all spazzmo-demonlike. oh, wait; they're like that anyway.

    we hopes that simon's numbers improves wif the new meddysin, fer shur, those lovin' kisses from anna are helpin', too!

  21. Super scary!! I personally am petrified of tornados and hope to never meet one in person.
    That pic of the hiding room made me crack up! Devil kitties can be as terrifying as tornados!

  22. Goodness, we don't have tornadoes in New Zealand. Glad you guys know the drill cos we don't! Sounds like a bit of an adventure with scary voice overs by Alley!

  23. I'm glad we don't have tornadoes in Wales, the thought of being shut in with DEVIL CATS is even more scary than being shut out with the tornado (I think). It must have been very scaryop000000000000000000000003333333333333 (Tara cat just stood on the keyboard), anyway you were very brave.

  24. The drawing is hilarious, Alley looks like she's crawling on the walls. I hope the tornadoes will keep staying away from you and take care!