Monday, March 21, 2011

Bark the Vote/Lost AGAIN!

Congratulations to Bailey for the Bark the Vote Spectacular Tongue-Tacular Fan vote!! If you would, email me your mailing address at annagsd at gmail dot com so we can get your goodies out to you! And Link, you should be getting yours this week too, mom's going to mail them out at the same time.

So this weekend, mom and dad and me went back to Weogufka state'll remember this as the state's "best hidden (emphasis on HIDDEN)" state park. Last time, mom and I searched for hours to find it, and after some dog puke and some scary peoples we found it and left.

But this time dad ASSURED us he had the right directions to get there, cause one of his coworkers had gone and gave him the directions. So, off we went....on some country backroads that reminded me a lot of getting lost in NC for Elk Falls where we encountered the Mountain Chicken.

We cross some scary bridges and find a dirt road, we go up the dirt road, and we come exactly to the place where mom and I had stopped last time. We get out. We walk up the road to the firetower thing.

Dad keeps muttering this can't be it. Mom says "this is it, this is best hidden secret in flippin' Alabama". Dad gets on his phone to call his friend.

"Hey dude, yeah, I'm out here in the middle of no where with a pissy wife and a hot diva"

It was hot, it was like 86 that day. It was on that hot mountain that I realized I'm not as cool as Shawnee...Shawnee would have found this trail in two seconds cause she's the MacGuyver of trails. Here I was stuck on the same stupid mountain with mom and dad.

After my pitty party, finally dad gets off phone with dude and says we have to drive more, so we drive and mom sees this, the trailhead! THANK YOU JESUS!! I was ready to get this show on the road now that we finally FOUND the road!

We crossed a stream, which was good. My dogs were HOT! Ahh, stream water!

I decided to do my best Holly impersonation!
We came upon some old cabins. This one had fallen apart, but mom caught a butterfly! She didn't even know it was in the picture till later.

Biggiefied butterfly

This cabin was standing, but I'm not sure it would pass my building inspektion

No, this doesn't look up to code AT ALL!

But dad did find a swinging bench to take a break!

See dad, this place is not up to code! They need our remodeling skillz!

I got hot. Dad carried my backpack for me and I made it back to the stream where I majorly cooled off! Now that we know where the park is, maybe it is a good hidden secret? We'll have to go back!!


  1. Awesome hidey spot Anna! I'm trying to talk Mamma into going to our hidey spot on the lake since it's so warm now...


  2. Glad you finally found the secret spot to hike in! Maybe you should start to remodel those cabins, just to see if anyone notices... *snickers*

  3. This was a grrrreat hidden place Anna. I loved seeing the creeks and the cabin. butt you were right about it!! FUR SURE!

  4. Anna, you know what they say about the third time being a charm - next time you will just zoom right there. We think you and Shawnee ought to get together for some hiking fun. And we can just picture your humans with all their plans to fix up that cabin:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. The fireplace in th cabin was awesome! Furry nice hike, though it Did look hot!

  6. Yikes! Stinks to get lost, but glad you found your way out! I think I'd like the stream part of your travels the best!

    Thanks so, so much for having your tongue contest! I'm so happy to have actually won! I was so surprised, because there are sooo many great tongue pics that I was up against!

    Woofs & hugs,


  7. There is nothing like going on a 'lost' adventure - we do it all the time! Last time my dad went looking for a park we ended up at a cemetery and the time before that a golf course. It looks like you had a terrific time though even though it was hot and that stream sure did look good

  8. Whoa! Your mom got a flutterby! On the hike we did last Fursday we woz looking fur a flutterby coz we did see one same time same place the year afore. But no luck. Now I knows why. The flutterby do has ESP. After it being 78 degrees last week, today we had SNOW! Yes, you dussn't need an extra dose of eyedrops you read that rite. It looked like a freaking Christmas wonnerland here. It do be all gone alreddy, but still. I just knowed your hike would be better this time and don't think my mom has nefur gotten us losted. She always tries to has a Plan B and Plan C in the same general area in case we cannot find Plan A. Or Plan B.

  9. So glad you found the hidden park at last, the water looks nice and cool for hot dogs. Love your backpack She who thinks she must be obeyed wants to get me one so I can carry my own poobags.......!

  10. Hey Anna!
    Wow, cool road trip! Looks like a super fun place to spend the day, and I'm really jealous about that hot weather. I gotta be glad it's just 60 degrees here! Great pix of your day.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. I'm glad you got found. Getting lost isn't too bad as long as you find yourself before too long. It looks like a wonderful adventure.

  12. You dogs get to have so much more outdoor fun than us kitties. Very jealous of your adventure!

  13. For a second, I thought I was watching Indiana Jone's movie! What an exciting and interesting hike you had and you found your perfect hidey place too! Spring is a beautiful time!

  14. BAH!! You crack me up, Anna! I'm totally sure that call to Dad's friend went exactly as you said...hehe
    Anyway, despite the rocky start, it sounds like things went just right. You've got skills in having Dad carry your pack, too. Diva style ;)

  15. Well, it looks like it was worth the trouble, what an interesting place to explore (though what happened to springtime, huh?). The beginning of the story reminded me so much of this trail in Transylvania County that is supposedly clearly marked, that I have NEVER been able to find!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that butterfly flying by the chimney. Amazing that you caught that.

  16. We're SO glad you found the secret hidden trail! And that stream was totally worth it so you could cool off! One good thing - if it's that hard to find, you will probably have the whole trail to yourself most of the time :)

    The Road Dogs