Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tongue Tacular entries pt. 4

Wow, we have sooo many more tonguetacular entries! We would have posted yesterday but mom has a sinus infection and was passed out. Thanks to the Benedryl and rain storms, she slept all day. Even the kitties got worried at one point! But she's better today and running my blog like a good mom!

Without further ado, more tongue-tacular entries!! And remember, go say hi to anyone you may not have met before!

1. Calhoun
Just when you think Calhoun can't get anymore hunkalicious, he does this. Swooooon girls!

I'm not partial to Nikki cause she's a fabulous black, not at all...whistle whistle....
3. Lucy

Lucy's tongue is upstaging those flowers! They don't stand a chance!!

4. McIver
A puppy McIver reveals a little tongue...he's too distinguished now, but that adds to his charm. I'm still crushing!!

5. Chewy

Chewy acts as a sweeper...looking for any nom crumbs!! I've seen his tongue in person, and it is spectacular!

6. Nari, Starbuck and Alpha

A tri-fecta of complete cuteness!! I mean, OMG how cute is that?!?!

7. Bailey
Bailey is our first 3-D tongue-tacular entry! It's like it's coming OFF the screen!! Whoa!

8. Sammy Joe

Sammy Joe is this year's first kitty entry. I'm allowing it. Just cause I like kitties. They share our hatred for the squirrels!

9. Link

Another kitty! Link looks like he ate/or is about to eat some noms!

10. Seraph

THE POWER OF CUTE COMPELLS YOU!! Seraph is toooooo stinkin' cute!

11. Kayla

A true working dog!! Okay, who else is craving peanut butter now?!?!?
Tomorrow is the last day! Then I'll draw the winner this weekend, annouce the winner Monday and then post up the voting for the first Cast Your Bark Tongue-Tacular Contest!!


  1. Pawtastic tongues!!! All spectacular!
    Woofs n wags

  2. Hey JAzzi here,
    We just posted me and my new sissys tongue on my blog!!

  3. Man, the entries are getting better & better & better aren't they? Awesome entries! Your contest is getting pretty popular, Anna.

  4. We just published our tongue shots on our blog for the contest.

    Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  5. I love Seraph and Kayla - but my dogness - they are all so pawsome !

  6. We really love Kayla's tongue shot, but you have so many great ones. We decided we would enter the synchronized tongue shot from yesterday's post, since you and so many of our commenters suggested it. We added a link to the contest in that post.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. More great pictures!! We cannot wait to see who wins....all of them are fantastic! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  8. Jazzi sent me. I can't enter because I don't have a good tongue picture. You've some good entries here!

    Arrooo! Stuart

  9. Whatalot of twisty tongues! glad your mom is feeling better

  10. Oh no, only one more day!!!! How did the deadline get here so quickly?? Any chance of extending the contest one more day? Come on fellow followers - anyone else want to make a plea for one more day?? :-)

  11. Hi Anna, we recently discovered your neat blog and competition and decided Frankie had to enter so here is his entry

    There are many stunning tongues here! I put up a few photos of Frankie's tongue but I think the last one on my post is the most tongue-tacular:)

    Cheers, Sue, Frankie and Beryl

  12. I just did my post for my cuzin Dillon! Check it out :)

  13. Look at those cute tongues! Excellent contest, Anna!!!

  14. Love that last one. Hope Mom's feeling better, Anna.

  15. Sure hope Hu-Mom is feeling better! Husky hugs to her x 5! We've entered a pic that's posted on our blog sidebar. What a fun contest!!!

  16. That last picture is a crack up! FYI- In my tongue pic I was in the process of eating paper. Yes, paper, my favorite delicacy!

  17. Our power went out but I got it posted - at 12 noon on the dot! Our official entry is the third photo down, the underneath shot. Chose that one because I wasn't sure if anyone had posted one like that yet - we were going for originality!

  18. There are just too many good tongues to choose from! I never thought I'd type that...hmm.