Thursday, March 17, 2011

Enough kitties! Swamp dog time!

I'm taking my DOG BLOG back!! No more kitties...for awhile anyway. :)

Last weekend when cousin Lola and Aunt Temple were down, I took them to my woods. It was still very muddy from all the rains, which, of course, meant it was AWESOME!!

I forget Lola's legs are a "tad" smaller than mine and she can't go quite as far or fast as I can, but we made it to my sloo which was up over the reeds/weeds. Which made for great Swamp fun!

Lola is a bit at her limit...I mean, she can't go too far!!

I waded out...looking for gators or lepord-cans....

RUN AWAY!!! Leopard-can's scare me!!

But I was safe with Lola...we're gangsta!

I tried to get that big stick, but mom said "no" and "leave it". Boo mom!! I think Lola found a bug...

I was ready to jump in and go for more, while Lola....

...not so much!!
It was a great weekend. Mom and dad are off all weekend, so dad wants to go back to Weogufka State and I had a bad experience there, but apparently, we used the wrong directions. So, dad's up for trying it shudders about it and thinks back to this post. No big breakfast before we head out this time!!!


  1. Kayla says she empathizes with "Lola of the short legs" :) Looks like you had a fun day! We read your previous post about getting lost and we just have to say - we've BEEN there! Tons of times! Dad likes to explore and, even though he's a guy, his sense of direction is a little, um, off...

    Good luck to next time. Hope you find the right place and have a great time!

    The Road Dogs

  2. That is one muddy swamp! Bet it was superest fun to play in there!!!

  3. There is nothing better then a nice walk in the swamp and then coming home and just settling down for a good snooze. Lola reminds me so much of my buddy Franklin (the corgi) - he lives back in Nebraska. I miss him a lot.

  4. OMD OMD what a grrrreat time you had!!! I appreciate you for sharing it with us.

  5. Gangsta! BOL!! You are too funny. It looks like that was loads of fun. Wish I could go wading with you ;)

    PeeS- nope I was stone cold sober for those pics. I'll do anything for a treat-he he

  6. Wow! That looked like the BEST fun.

    Also, hurray for you taking the blog back from the kitties (for now).

    Love and licks, Winnie

  7. Poor Lola looks exhausted - but the rest of you sure had fun. We hope this trip to that state park goes well. We can't wait to hear all about it.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!!

    Woos ~ O'Phantom, O'Thunder, and O'Ciara

  8. A walk just isn't a walk if you don't get wet and muddy is it? But those leopard-cans---you just can'#t trust them can you?

  9. That sure looks like lots of fun!! Wet and muddy just can't beat it!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. Hey Anna!
    Wow, you and Lola musta had a blast! Water is the to mud and you got both!! Good for you. I bet you were both worn out. Great fun.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. BOL! Mom has a similar suspicion about the words "best" and "hidden" in a sentence together about state parks!

    Morgan says all that mud looks glorious! I think you must have had one of the best weekends ever!


  12. OMD!!! That swamp looks so good for rolling over in ! I'd love to join you if my mom didn't see it, don't tell her!

  13. Hehe.. that pic of Lola snoozing is funny. I think both my girls would've loved to get that muddy, especially Nyxie!
    I can't blame you for not wanting to go back to that park - that was a scary day! I hope this go will be better :)

  14. Oh, I rememmer that, the hike from hell! But you is so eggsperienced now I just know it be funs this time.

  15. I just read your post about the hiking and it sounded pretty scary. You're very brave to have kept going. I'm following you from The Doggy Blogger. I hope to see you on my blog.