Friday, March 25, 2011

For Who the Yack Tolls

Yawwwwn.....sorry, I' m soooo sleepy today. And so is mom. We're dragging. Mom's had a few cups of coffee, I've had a few fresh blades of grass, but we're still tired. Why? Oh, let me tell you why!

Last night dad was working, I jumped up in his spot, curled up with mom and dozed off to sleepy puppyland--I dreamed of squirrels and balls made of bacon and streams flowing with gravy...I don't know what mom was dreaming about...probably shoes or Johnny Depp or something.

As we peacefully slumbered, something began to pull us away from our noms and hot was the sound of a yack.

No, not that kind of a yack, but the yack of a kitty. A yack sound that could wake the dead out of a coma. Mom scrambles out of bed to find the yacking offender so they don't yack on her new carpet and find it's Simon. Luckily he was on the wood, so she cleaned it and came back to bed.

Off again we drifted....I was dreaming of certain studly dogs and mom was dreaming of George Clooney when....Yack Round 2.

Again mom got out of bed (not quiet as leaping as before and mumbling something about words I cannot publish). Yack crisis two averted. Back to dreamland. At this point I got sick of being awakened by the yack, so I got out of bed and went to sleep in the spare bed. Ahh...serenity now.

Whatever. Mom gets up and starts turning on lights (it's now about 4 a.m. btw) looking for the yack sound...but I didn't hear a yack sound. But I couldn't see anything cause the lights being turned on burned out my retinas. Woman, just let them YACK for goodness sake! Gah!

Then mom realizes it wasn't the cat yacking, it was Duncan licking his feet. At 4 a.m. Yeah, I'm not even going there, but mom was so yack-paranoid she thought that it was another yack attack. She has yack shellshock.

By this point she had had enough! She buried herself in the covers and didn't emerge until 7 a.m. So we're both sleepy, the cats are sleeping soundly on the couch and I am quite worried about my brother's 4 a.m. foot fetish.

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. OK, Blogger just nommed my commenty so I gibs it anudder try...

    My mom could (and has) sleeped through an earthquake but if'n any of us start the yack hacking, she flies out of bed in a split second. It do be kwite amazing to see.

  2. OH we get a lot of those "yack" sounds over here. Hoomie Melissa's ears are pretty sharp & she too, would fly out of bed very quickly! Its kinda funny to watch actually.

  3. Well said Shawnee and Amber-Mae.... We know how to keep hooman on their toes

  4. We love the picture of you yawning :-)
    We had the same nightmarish night, the cats threw a party in da house! CRAZY!



  5. ANNA.... I can NOT even begin to belive your mom would turn on the FLOODING LIGHTS and burn out your retinas!!! HOW Squirreling RUDE is THAT::::::::::::::::::::::::?????????????????

    I say... let them Yack and clean the mess when... it is a decent time to get up and put HER warm dry feets into the cold wet Yackiness.
    Sheeeesh. Sorry girrrrl.

  6. My sisteroid Sunshine the Cat is a YACKER too. Nothing is more rude than a yakking CAT. I, personally, think they do it on PURPOSE when THEY are BORED!!!!
    Love Noodles the Perfect Furbaby

  7. Why can't moms sleep in? They blame us for being the alarm clock
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those Yacks sure know how to stir things up in the middle of the night - I swear, they're nocturnal. And right in the middle of a Johnny Depp dream?! Only us pet parents can bolt out of bed and find the, foot lickers, too I guess!

  9. I never like those Yacks, I think they are nuisance!!!
    ~ Eva