Friday, March 18, 2011

Found: Secret Kitty Weapon

This may seem like a kitty blog, but it's not...I, Anna the GSD, have discovered a secret weapon that makes kitty into putty in our paws--this is for all puppers. But I must continue to study this, because it caused some odd side effects...

Mom came home with something in a package yesterday, something that Simon was going bonkers over! She put it on the floor and I watched what happened...

Simon began just rollign around on the floor....he was oblivious to me. At first I thought he was having a cat-niption fit (Badda bing! Get it! Oh well..)

He was unawares of anything around him. I probably could have picked him up and tossed him and he wouldn't have realized it....

As I studied the effects of this odd Weapon of Kitty Destruction (WKD) I wondered if it was just Simon, or if other kitties would fall to it's spell (and yes, that's Simon drool marks on the floor, not mine!!)

So I got Mia in on the act...just to see what would happen....

At first Simon didn't want to share...he was like a CRAZY man!! But Mia finally got a sniff..

OMG she became a blur of craziness!! Maybe I shouldn't have gotten two kitties involved because now I had two cracked-out felines on my paws...and they were getting scary...

I finally got the WKD away from them...I don't get it. It's just a little mouse thing....apparently puppies are immune to it's kitty crack effects...I even licked it, nothing...

Then Simon came back for his "precious" as he started calling it. I gave it to him. I was scared. What had I created?!?!
OMG, Simon turned into Charlie Sheen...

After about 20 mins, he collapsed in his own kitty drool and just passed out. I have no idea where Mia went, last I saw she was just staring at a wall saying something about the "colors".
I don't know what WKD's are, but they have to be used wisely...but I must see if this has the same effects on squirrels....


  1. BOL BOL BOL!!!!! Charlie Sheen! Kittehs are weird. They can truly be so undignified sometimes!


  2. Those are some serious drugs I tell ya. Hoomie Melissa told me she used to give one big box of "kitty crack" to her cat, Monica & that fluffy fat lard went absolutely CRAZY! Her eyes were big & diluted, she was foaming in the mouth like a rabid animal & she was SO spaced out. Drugs are no joke I tell ya. Say NO to drugs!! BOL.

  3. Secret Weapon for sure!! Now you know how to "control" the kitties or at least to keep them occupied. Squirrels... interesting

  4. You know, Anna, we have yet to figure out why they don't have dognip - don't we have the right to get wild and crazy too? What's that, Mom? She seems to think we are already wild and crazy - hmmmmph to her!

    Happy Weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. hehehe OP pack... DogNip... hehehe
    I don't think SOME of us need that stuffs.

  6. Hmmm those kitties were flying high!!! Very cool secret weapon to use against them.

  7. Momma laughed so hard the water came out her nose. Her kitty used to do the same things- they love that stuff! Strange. I think I needs a kitteh in my family to test this out.

  8. I haven't even read your post yet -- I just jumped over from KB's. Your comment about Barry White playing in the background of those bob cat photos has me rolling on the floor!! OK. Now, on to the post. Thanks for that, though :-)

  9. HAHAHAHA!!! Tiger blood! Oh Anna, you are too funny!!

  10. Bwaaaa ha ha! I fell off the couch, I was laughing so hard! I think Morgan is crying tears of canine mirth. Please tell us you're going to do more experiments! You know, as a public service to dogs who blog, all in the name of science!


  11. Hey Anna!
    Wow, that's super funny! Those cats are CRAZY. Love the catniption joke! BWAR HAR As long as they stay all loopy and ditzy you'll be fine, but watch out that no one turns into a mean drunk!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  12. Anna, you are so funny!!! Love this post!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  13. Oh yeah, that kitteh crack do come disguised as mousies. I has nommed them but I just get in trubulls fur making a mess coz when you bitey into them, that kitteh crack do explode all ofur the place.

  14. Smudge and Tara want to know were to get some.

  15. You have some crazy siblings. What a good dog for putting up with those kitties, Anna!

  16. BAH!!! This is too funny...When I had kitties, long ago, I accidentally discovered that they loved olives. I happened to drop an olive on the floor and the kitties rolled around and went ballistic!

  17. Kitties + WKD = awesome entertainment! Thanks for sharing, Anna, since we have no kitties of our own :)

    The Road Dogs