Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magical Time Machine Thursday

Time to dust off the Time Machine for a trip back in time! Did you know that 137 years ago today, the famous magician Harry Houdini was born? Do you have any idea how old that is in dog years?? Like a billion years old!!

Anyway, Mr. Houdini didn’t just pull bunnies out of hats and stuff, he did scary escaping stuff. He was actually born in Hungary then came to America as a little boy, I guess cause they had no noms in Hungary.

He was called “The Handcuff King” cause he could escape from handcuffs and chains and stuff. We might could learn something from this....

To prove he was doing it without tricks, he'd often do them almost NEKKID!!

He did stuff like escaping from a skyscraper while hanging upside down, getting out of straight-jackets, being burried alive and other such weird things...

One of the weirdest (to me and I think you'd agree) was the Chinese Water Torture act! They'd go dunk him in water all tied up, and he'd escape before he'd drown! I often feel like this during bath I guess I can sympathize, but why would you do it willingly?!?!

A lot of people think that Mr. Hou escaped by swallowing a key and upchucking it furball style and then using it to escape. Most times he escaped boxes or in the ground.
But then, still at the top of his game, at the age of 52 this happened:

Not by one of his magical tricks, but by something even Mr. Hou couldn't escape...a ruptured appendix. He actually collapsed on stage in Detroit then died later that night.

So the lesson here, bath's are torture, you can cough up a key and don't ignore when you're feeling bad, go to the Dr. Vet or Human Dr. Vet. Ta-DA!!!


  1. Well, well, lots of things I didn't know! Thanks for the history lesson, Anna!

  2. Now my mom is a very much happy two legger. She LOVES posts like this one. Lots of history and a little bit of weird stuffs.

    I'm not gonna swollow any keys or ... willingly get in a Baff UPCHUCK side down. Are You???

  3. Ah, life's lessons...and the curious place you can find them :)

  4. Thanks for the story it was most interesting!!! My mommy enjoyed it too, she said she never knew how he died before reading this.

  5. Verrrry innnnnteresting! I don't learn these types of things in my school!

    By the way... my baths aren't that dangerous. They're FUN! ;)

    Woofs & hugs,


  6. Whoa Anna, duss you know I readed yesterday that hims last living assistant died here in Noo Joisey at age 103 last Sunday?!?!?!?! How weird is that? Mebbe she woz invited to his birfday pawty in heaven and had to get there on time.

  7. We read that Mr. Houdini was born today earlier, but your post was a lot more interesting! Morgan has a trick she likes to do with the prong collar where she twists just right and then the leash doesn't pull on it right. It frustrates Dad, but it makes Mom laugh!

    I think you need to move North! Then you could be our neighbor, meet HDM and enjoy the change of seasons! BOL!


  8. Hi new friend. Thanks for stopping by. You sure are purrty. That human was nutty
    Benny & Lily

  9. Mr. Houdini was sure a very daring, crazy man!