Friday, March 11, 2011

Spectacular Tongue-Tacular Entries FINALE!

Hey all! Well, the submitting is over! And OMG there are sooooo many fantastic tongue-tacular entries this year, 45 to be exact! Here is this year's final entries. On Monday, we'll announce the winner of the drawing and open up the Bark Your Vote to allow you to choose the most tongue-tastic photo winner!

ALSO, SPECIAL REQUEST: Can you say a prayer for my kitty brother Simon? Mom took him to the vet today (why this post is late). He's losing weight and has pudding poo. I gave him lots of kisses when he came home, but now we're anxiously awaiting the bloodwork analysis from Dr. VET

1. Jazzi

If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP! PFFFFFTTTT! :)

2. Addy

Shiney white + black nose + giant pink tongue = adoralicious!!!
3. Cleo and Winston

Not ONE but TWO hounddog tongues!!! Who says they're all about the nose??

4. Rugby
I vote Rugby for the September month of the tongue-tacular calendar!!

5. Thunder, Phantom and Ciara Woooooos!

Two out of three sibes say PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT to no snow!

6. Frankie

Frankie gives his best Bo Derek running on the beach interpretation...much better I think!

7. Beryl

Excuse me, do I look good? Why yes, I know, just wanted to make sure you knew! WINK! :)

8. Levi Mac and Dillion


9. Harley
It's your Birfday! It's your Birfday!! Stick your tongue out like you just don't care! (it was her birfday yesterday, so wish the queen happy birfday!!)

10. Fenris

I like big tongues and I cannot lie, when I see a dog walk bye, with that big tongue out their face I get CRAZY!! BOL!

11. Lady and Lucky

And last but not least...ladies and gentleman, a perfectly similtanious tongue to nose duo!!! What a way to end the show!!!!

Again, thank you for all the entries!! It's such a fun contest and a great way to meet new friends! Good luck, and we'll have the results Monday! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Anna, you duss has the bestest efur capshuns. I cannot let mom drink coffee while she reads them or it comes out of her nose and I dussn't think that is supposed to happen. Anyways, you always heals your mom up when she has bugs so I is counting on you to heal up the bugs wot Simon has. Mebbe he catched the bugs from your mom. You did not let your mom sleep in bed with Simon while she had bugs, did you?

  2. Paws crossed here for Simon - we all hope he will be OK.

    Lots more great entries, Anna - and you are so right - this is a great way to meet so many different bloggers.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. My dogness - more pawtastic entries - however are you going to choose a winner ??? Maybe you will have to pick more than one :) :)

  4. Oh, bravo! What a great showing of tongues! I think the competition is going to be pretty tough!

    We all have our paws crossed for Simon!


  5. Those pictures and the captions really made me HOWL with laughter!

    (I wish we were in Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow so I could say hello to you in person).

    Have a great weekend, love and licks Winnie

  6. You're in Birmingham AL? We have a house on Lk Martin! Though that's not where we live...

    Anyway..we hope Simon your fur brother is just fine!

    And excellent tongues once again. Very funny captions!

  7. Hey Anna!
    Great entries for a great game! This is a ton of fun. Love your captions and the pix are BOL funny!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. 45 entries? Awesome!! More amazing entries that's for sure! This is gonna be a very tuff competition. WOOH! Good luck in choosing the winner.

    OH & my paws are crossed for Simon. I'm hoping it is nothing too serious. Hope he feels better soon.

  9. We're sending our best wishes to Simon. Hope he's all better soon.

    Wonderful captions, Anna. You're a very talented writer! And what a wonderful number of entries. It's nail biting stuff:)

  10. Hope Simon is okay! He is in our thoughts and prayers!
    Those tongue entries are really amazing! I guess your mom is having a little headache now, well, may be you can help her out!

  11. We loved seeing everyone's tongues, they are all so CUTE!!!!

  12. So many wonderful entries! We will say prayers for Simon. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  13. Wow, what awesome entries! Darn, I had March 14 in my head as the last day for entries. That's what I get for procrastinating!

    I mentioned you today in my post before I came over here and saw that I was too late.

    Your contest is a great idea!

  14. Is Ruby's picture real ?? It surely looks like a calendar picturee.. Super cute..

    Honestly, this is gonna be a tough one.. We like all of them .. so good luck with the selection!


  15. We're gonna cross our paws and pray for Simon to get better :)


  16. Got the heads up from KB but missed my entry too...oh well maybe you'll have a tail contest or an eye contest or nose contest...sorry! Sophie!

  17. Got my paws crossed for Simon and Smudge and Tara send their best wishes aswell. With all the good wishes for him from all your friends he's GOT to be alright.

    Welldone on a great contest.