Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simon Update

Okay, this blog IS NOT going to the kitties!! I know it seems like it though and I'll post tomorrow about some good, dirty, doggie time, but I wanted to give the full scoop (not litterbox scoop) on what's been going on with the oldest fur-kid, Simon.

Simon is 13. He's gangsta. He's always been a thin kitty, but in the last month of so he's got like REEEEALLL skinny. Mom thought it was due to his teeth, so she went to an all canned food diet. This didn't help. He also began having diareah (cha cha cha) of a pudding consitancy. And STEEN-KEY! OMG even I didn't find it appetizing!
So after much worry, Mom loaded him up and took him to Dr. Vet Friday. Mom was terrified of something like the "C" word or the first stages of kidney failure. Mom didn't have a cat carrier so she had to make a bootleg-ghetto one from a paperbox at work. It was pretty good (mom should have got a pic of it, but she was so worried she forgot about documenting for my blog...sigh) but even the vet staff kinda made fun of it!
Simon did great at Dr. Vet (since he's gangsta, he's very laid back...very). Dr. Vet took some blood to do a full blood panel and said she'd call mom that night. She said it could be anything and we wouldn't know what to do until she got the blood work back.

Mom isn't a very patient person, so anytime the phone rang she got excited/nervous. I thought she almost went rabid wombat at the poor Omaha Steaks telemarketer. Finally, Dr. Vet called....verdict...Simon is hyperthyroid! Mom was quite happy with this...his kidney's are great, no inkling of the "C" word and since mom was hyperthyroid, she can use her old prescripton for Simon!

So, Simon is all good. He's not acting as starving and he goes back in two weeks for a check up...the litterboxes are less stinky aka more appetizing again. Thank you all for your prayers and good mojo for Simon! I've done my part by giving him tons of magical Anna kisses and slobbers...they have healing powers, so I know he'll be fine!!


  1. AHHH thank goodness is is not something TOO serious. My sister, Chloe has Hypothyroidism so she tends to gain weight easily. I hope some medications can do something with your condition. Simon looks pretty content in that last picture.

  2. You all must be SO relieved! That is wonderful news about Simon! He should be able to handle that pretty well. Take care, Simon!

    The Road Dogs

  3. I haven't been around, so I missed the worries with Simon! Glad he's doing better now! With a wonderful sister like you, he's all set!

  4. That is sort of good news - at least you can treat it and hopefully Simon will be back to his old kitty kat ways in no time

  5. Thank goodness! That is great news! One of my kitties many years ago started losing weight and her fur and she was diagnosed with that. She took pills and lived happily a long life. I have two kitties that are 14 years old and so far, they are doing great! Wonderful news! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. Simon looks awesome! He's like our cat, Harry- about 10. Harry is GANGSTA too!


  7. Great ending to this story!!! We just love it when some furry has to go to the vet for a problem and actually comes home with a workable solution. We hope Simon is back on track real soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I know you could do it, Anna! You duss has the most magical healing powahs. Now go find you some nommy tootsie rolls in the litter box fur your reward.

  9. Hey Anna!
    Wow, that's great about Simon. I'm so glad he's feeling better. Normally, I really prefer to bash critters, including cats, but he's too cool. Glad he's getting better and I'm sending some of my healing thoughts to him.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. I'm sure it was your kisses that really did the trick, Anna! I'm glad to hear that it's not something serious and that he'll be feeling better soon.

    It's a good thing you're too big for a paper box, Anna! Who knows what could happen!


  11. What great news! And meds are pretty cheap for this, too :)
    Keep on with those magical kisses, Anna!

  12. That is fabulous news! Simon, you are so handsome, and we are very glad you are OK! We just found out one of our Sibes, Gibson, is hypothyroid...he is now on meds and we are hoping his levels level out...and maybe he'll even lose a pound or two!

    Keep feeling good, Simon!

  13. We are sending healing purrs to Simon and we know with your loving care Anna he will be fine.

  14. Wonderful news!!! Hyperthyroidism is very treatable = yaaaay!!! I bet you were relieved with a capital "R!"

  15. Oh that is such a relief!!! I know your mommy is relieved!!
    Meds should clear that right up and maybe he won't be stinky anymore either. hehe

  16. Great news about Simon. Freddie the cat across the road to us has this problem and now he is on a tablet a day he is FINE.