Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Present Bandit!!

Oh, the carnage....oh the destruction!!!

This is what mom saw when she came home today! Who could have dragged helpless presents from under the tree and freed them from their wrapping paper bonds?!?

I have no idea...which mom finds soooooo odd, since I was left in the house all day by a nice mommy who left me in because it was pouring rain this morning. I'm not sure, but I have my suspicions...

See, I think while I was asleep, the kitties must have torn into the presents, setting me up! Knowing that mom would blame poor, innocent little me! I mean, why would I ever tear into all those shiny, paper covered presents? I guess I do have a tendency to destroy left out tissues and stuff, but that's NOTHING like shiny, oh so shiny and tempting, wrapping paper and bows...why would I do that?

The total carnage from me...err....I mean the kitties is a mauled DVD cover, a book for Aunt Temple that is dead (that's where I see the most prevelant kitty bite marks...ahem) and some fancy smancy smoker wood chips for Uncle Matt, which are now just mulch.

Mom took it well....although I had to stay outside while she rewrapped the gifts. And now I'm not allowed near the tree...but the kitties are! Hmph.

Man I hope Santa was taking a nap today...for the kitties sake...of course! I didn't do ANYTHING....whistle whistle.....


  1. Anna, I am certain that you have been set up by the kitties. Mom's couch cushions were eaten when I was only one year old and she blamed me and I know it was those cats she has in the house. After all, they don't like me and think they own the place! Santa wasn't watching today...I heard that on the TV tonight..or I think I heard it!!! Love, Holly

  2. Oh Anna, What a mess you (I mean kitties) made...
    I hope you're telling the truth, because you know Santy Paws is watching...
    Ho Ho Ho!

  3. Those kitties! Turn your back for *one* second, and they commit total mayhem.

    I hope you turned up enough evidence with your hyper-sensitive super-GSD nose to exonerate yourself, and put those kitties in the hoosegow!

    Best Christmas wishes, Anna.

  4. Hehehehe!
    That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Please don't show Max...! You mom's heart must have stopped when she saw that. I'm still laughing this end! Pooches!!!
    Max's Mom in South Africa

  5. I know how they are!

    Mom went to the store where my Khalifornia Naturals khomes from -

    They had some chikhken breast jerky pakhks at the desk that were $2 off -

    DO WOO KNOW WHY?????

    There was a PostIt note saying 'the khats got into the pakhkage'


    PeeEssWoo: I also did a similar thing myself last year ;-)

  6. Ruh-roh. That carnage is, well, awesome.

    The Herd salutes you. We are not allowed in the same room as the tree. When Natasha was a wee pup - and before the rest of us got here - she was playing with her step-mom, Nikita - and the game of tag veered off course. Let's just use the word timber to describe what happened next.

  7. Oh No! I sure hope Santa Paws was napping or some doggy...I mean kitty cats, is going to be getting a giant lump of coal!


  8. Oh boy, Anna. That's some pretty serious stuff -- and only a few days before Christmas!

  9. Looks like your kittehs had quite the pawsome pawtay there!

  10. Hi Anna,
    I love GS dogs!!! I love love GSD!!!!
    Oh well I really love all animals!!!
    Love your blog!!!

  11. How much do you wish you had this whole thing on video? :D

  12. Those mean kitties!! Blaming you for something like that!! We'll put in a good word to Santa Paws for you!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  13. Rut roh - we sure hope those kitties learned her, we mean, their lesson.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder