Friday, April 29, 2011

Bears and tents, oh my!

OMG do you see that bear behind me?!?! Don't worry, he's just like a giant stuffie! Nothin' but fur and stuffie fillin! Your guesses were close, I kinda went camping, well, more like looking at camping took me to Bass Pro Shop!!

Most people don't know, but the BPS will allow in well behaved dogs. We hadn't been there in a while so mom took me for socialization and I did so good!! But the piktures aren't good, mom just had her cell phone to document my excursion.

We checked out the camping supplies....this camping thing seems kinda fun! I may have to make mom and dad invest in a tent and stuff.

At first, I was worried. This guys butt smelled like wood....then I realized he and his little wood-butt smelling family weren't real. They were man-ee-kins. So weird!

Then we saw this black said it looked like me, although I was much cuter. Well duh! mom? Seriously?? You drug me here for shoes?!?!

This is more like it!! Wait, where's the pink?? (oh and I didn't do that wet spot on the floor...I don't know where it came from, guess some pup needs some Doggie Diapers!)

I took one final look around....there's so much stuffs!

So that was my excursion! Mom and dad would love to go camping, but it's already too hot here!

PS- thank you for all your prayers and thoughts for the peoples here in the South! It's been hard to watch, but we all have a new perspective on what's important in our's not the toys, the collars or even the noms, it's the peoples you love, like mom and dad, and even the kitties.

Right now there's not a lot of info on how to give to the pets here, but we're looking out for info. As soon as we know something, we'll pass it on! Have a great weekend with your peoples, and spend an extra minute snuggling with them!


  1. A very good point, Anna. And we're glad your mom took phone pix for us to see! Looks like quite the store.


  2. We're thinking of you and hoping that you are all safe and well, so sorry to hear about the terrible times you're having.
    As for the shop, that looks brilliant - our humans have bought all the camping gear but have yet to take us, they made sure there was plenty of room for our beds! Dex & Lou x

  3. Oh Anna... That Bear Scared me... even after you SAID you were Safe from it. I think you are very much BRAVE. I have been in LOTS of those hunty fishy places. They have some grrrrreat stuffs fur sure.
    I want to say..AGAIN.. how glad I am that YOU and your peeps are safe from the damage the tornadoes did. AND.. you are very much RIGHT about the thingys that are REALLY impawtant in the world.

  4. Looks like a fun excursion. And your comment on what's really important, and giving everyone - peoples and furry ones alike an extra snuggle - amen to that!

  5. That really looks like such a fun store! It's great that you were able to go in there with your mom. You have an excellent point about what is important and we are so glad to know that all of you are okay!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  6. I didn't know that Bass Pro Shop allowed pets - I have my good citizen and therapy dog standing so I think they would let me visit. Only problem is - we don't have a Bass Pro Shop here - boo hoo. I am glad you are all safe was a scary day.

  7. That's cool you are allowed in there. We used to go into REI all the time but now dogs aren't allowed :(

  8. That's definitely one cool place to stop by, I wish we could have something like that over here. I like bear hugs but I don't think I like that bear though, you're indeed a brave girl, Anna.

  9. Hey Anna!
    Wow, what a pawesome place! Any spot that helps us get to a camping trip is aces in my book!! Hope you get to try out some gear really soon. Great pix and I'm glad your whole pack is safe.
    Grr and an Outdoorsy Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. OH Anna, I'm so glad to know you & your family are safe. Those tornadoes are horrible! I can't imagine how many people & animals have lost their lives in this tragedy.

    BTW I couldn't believe you stood THAT close to a bear with such scary long nails but I was relieved to know that it was just a stuffie. HEE HEE

  11. Bears in stores. Bad enough when they are on our trails.

    We are thinking of everyone affected by these horrible storms these past few weeks.

  12. What a fun trip! It's almost like you really went camping.

  13. I is so glad you and your fambly be OK. I was in the land of no televishun and no innerwebs last week but I heared a little bit about Allibammer on the radio and it sounded rilly, rilly skeery wot the tornaders did so I woz thinking about you. (Pee Ess - camping do be so overrated and it turns you into man-ee-kins. Tell you pawrents that divas on stay in cabins. Just woofin.

  14. That sounds like a fun outing. I love stores that welcome dogs! Glad that you didn't really get chased by a bear!

    Too hot to camp? I can't imagine it... It didn't make it over 32°F here today.

    Our thoughts are with all who were hurt by those awful storms.

  15. Anna - We're so glad to read that you were safe from the storms! It's very sad to think of those that weren't!

    Your camping store outing looks like a great time! We think you need to convince your peeps to stock up on some camping gear, then drive to someplace cooler to hike and camp - say Colorado?

    The Road Dogs