Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Boy2000--Clean Up Feature

I posted yesterday how the new Anna Cooling System, the Boy2000, did a great job of keeping me cool and stuff during the nine month season known as "summer" here in Alabama.

My pal Bunny and her peeps at Tales and Tails asked, "does he pick up your toys too?" Well Bunny, funny you should ask...

See, sometimes I do be snoozing keeping guard on the couch, then suddenly, I awake find myself to be covered in toys! I needed to do an investigation so I set up a super seekrit camera to see what was going on. Was it a toy fairy? Aliens?

What I caught was shocking! I do think that little blue blur do be the Boy2000 in "clean up" or "bury the Anna" mode. He is so fast, my seekrit camera only caught a blur! It's like he's Bigfoot or something!

It's okay though, I like to share my toys with the Bald Puppy. We play fetch a lot. And he is good about cleaning up, putting things back up (not necessarily ON the Anna though BOL!). He even puts his bowl when he's done nomming in the sink! Mom says, see, even little man boys can be trained!


  1. BOL! That is some fast action! Those Boy2000s are sounding better and better!


  2. OMD OMD the BOY2000 is super... Darn do you think you might want to RENT him out sometimes?????
    Now and then our MOM picks up ALL of our Toys and Stuffs... and hauls them WAAAAAAAY back to our TOY ROOM... and puts them in our Toy Bins... then WE have to work like DAWGS to bring them BACK to the TV room where we WANT them.

  3. It sure is nice of the Boy2000 to bring you toys while you're sleeping so you won't be bored when you wake up!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  4. Wow...Boy2000 sounds like the next rage in doggie accessories!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. And the talents go on and on and on. It be efurry dog's dream to wake up cofured in toys. You is one luck dog, Anna, to have your own pawsonal Boy2000.