Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Haz Yardwork Minon

Since the weather was so nice last weekend, we spent a lot of time outside! But since it has been so hot, our yard was in a bit of bad shape. It was time to do some yard work!

Look at this giant stick with leafs I found in the yard!! I put the bitey on it to warn other sticks to stay away!

Then the Bald Puppy came to help out. He loves sticks like I do! I've taught him so well!

And I was like hmm...maybe I can use his willingness to my advantage! So I took him over to my pit, which was in a bit of disrepair due to all the rains! It had filled it up with dirt, making it a much less deep pit. Boo!

After inspektion, the boy and I knew this would not do!!

I lazily watched we both worked so hard! The Bald Puppy used his stick to help dig my pit hole!

I was going to help, but he was doing such a good job...hmm, I may or may not have took a nap...ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. you are training BP so can jut retire back as the lady of the house and have him do all the work :)

  2. OMD Anna.... your Bald Puppy is so BRIGHT... he has learned SO much from you. If he keeps this up... we of Blogville may need to do the UNTHINKABLE.... and award him the furst EVER... HONORARY DAWG award. THAT is kinda Shocking, butt we think he is VERY SPECIAL and will deserve it.
    YOU are a SUPER teacher.

  3. Anna, it has not gone unnoticed by ME (and not much gets by ME) just how much more free time you has fur your bloggie now that you has put that BP to werk. And the booty of this be that I do not think child labor laws apply to YOU. So you work that BP, gurlfurrend!

  4. You are so lucky to have a bald puppy to help you dig your holes and play with sticks. Our daddy plays with us a little but a bald puppy would be much better.

  5. Hawooo Anna! That's some fine supervising there, good to bring the little ones up right!


  6. Those bald puppies sure come in handy when you need yard work done! Maybe I should get one for myself?!

  7. Ha ha ha! You have trained him SO well! I'm quite proud of you, Anna!


  8. Now all you have to do Anna is figure a way to get your kitty minion to help out BOL!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Ha ha! Looks like you have a ill partner in crime!