Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Winston Wednesday

Thought I'd update on Cat AKA Winston. He's doing very well! He and I is all kinds of BFF now. Did you know kitten fur is very slobber absorbent? Well, it is!

A favorite game we has is "Hiding the Winston Under the Couch for Anna to Stalk so I can Slobbers Him." 

And since he is the same camouflage color as me, it makes him hard to see in the dark recesses of his under-couch lair...I'll point him out for you:

Mom got out the flashy kamera and caught him...see me keeping guard?

Yep, being on Winston Watch is a full time job!


  1. A slobber absorbent kitty - we knew there had to be a good reason for cats being in the world :)

  2. Does the Boy2000 help out with kitty stalking patrol??


  3. OMD what a super fun new furend Winston is becoming.

  4. What a great catsitter you are Anna!!

  5. *shudder* My experiences with cats have not gone well. But I admire you for being able to keep the wily little devil in line! He looks like a handful!


  6. You two is all so matchy, Anna. You is so good at planning your stealth accessories. Like how could the dad say NO when you two looks so much alike, well when he can sees you?