Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th... Independence Day Of Torture

Hey all! Did you have a wonderful July 4th Holiday?? We sure did (to a point...I'll get there in a bit)! Mom and dad were off Friday AND the weather was FANTASTIC!! We're talking no hoomidity, a breeze and high only in the 80s here. This does NOT happen here in Alabama people and pups. Ev-ah.

I should have known this was leading to something bad, the day was just toooo good! Mom and dad took the Bald Puppy to a parade where he snatched up some candy. Here's a lovely photo of Dad and BP.

Yep, looks all nice doesn't it? Might even get an "Awwwww!" but do you sees what I sees?? DO YOU SEE IT?!?! Let's put it this way, the BP did not leave with those sparkly antennae, he picked them up at the parade. Someone gave them to him! That person is evil.

See, when they got home we hung out and then mom got a evil glimpse in her eye, and can I brace you for the horror which is about to follow? Brace yourselves people....

As you can see, I am not amused by this. At. All. 

But then my inner-model came out briefly so mom got a shot and left me alone! What were you thinking woman?!?!

Then she looked at Duncan. Bless him, he's deaf so he couldn't hear her coming. At first he was like "NO! I'm old and refuse!"

And I was like: You go Duncan! You stand up to her!
And he was like: Yeah, take that woman! I'll never...wait, is that a tortilla chip???


Traitor. BOL!


  1. Anna
    I TOTALLY feel your pain. If it weren't for the treats there is no way I woulda put those bobbly things on MY pug mug!
    Love Noodles

  2. OH ANNA..... we love the picture of the BP n your Dad... they both look SOOOOOOO happy. and that made US happy.... BUTT WAIT... there was MORE... the THINGY migrated from BP to YOU... and well that is just a HORROR if EVER we did see one.. WHAT are these Peeps THINKING??????????????? :HOW could they do such a thing to YOU and to... WHAT???? did you say CHEESE!!!

  3. peeps sure do like putting silly things on our heads and are heads are just not shaped for them :)

  4. We're glad our mom doesn't do that to us. Your dad and the bald puppy look cute in their picture.

  5. Oh yeah....anything for a tortilla chip...or a cheeto....or a piece of hot dog...welllll, you get the picture!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. BOL! The things we models must endure! I can't believe he sold out for a tortilla chip. I mean, steak, yeah, I get it, but a measly chip?!


  7. Oh Anna, I know that look so well. That Duncan, OMD, so fickle he is. I is not like that now that I is a Super Duper Senior, is I? Pawlese tell me it be not so......