Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winston Wednesday: Mystery Science Theater

Okay, a little back story:

Two Friday's ago, our TV in the house went kaput. Like it would get all green and you couldn't see anything. The best it would get after an hour was this:

Mom tried to blame those "meddling kids" but she knew that with it being the weekend, the BP (and her too, she has some shows she loooooves to watch) would need the TV. So, she went and bought a new one. It's pretty big. Dad was very impressed.

Okay, so now to this weekend. Winston, the crack head kitten, has discovered the TV. He'll jump up there and try to catch the TV peoples. Which is just stupid (I know, I've tried).

Mom was watching one of her favorite shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. In it, a man and his two little robot buddies watch and make funny commentary on old, horrible horror movies. It's pretty funny. Well, while she was watching it, you see the heads of the little commentator peoples and then mom was like "one of these is new!"

Do you see a set of kitty ears?? Mom didn't know what was funnier. The fact that Winston fit PERFECTLY into the MST3000 set or that our TV was big enough that he looked like he fit in there!


  1. THAT is Super Winston.... At LEAST you don't do what ERNIE does... HE watches TV constantly and when he sees anythingy OTHER THAN PEEPS... you know like dawgs and cats and stuffs... he BARKS them BACK in the BOX.... Or at LEAST he THINKS he keeps them inside the BOX.

  2. Now that is well funny.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. BOL! Winston was born to be a blog star! Next he'll be on the big screen!


  4. KHATS




    Just sayin'