Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Operation: Black Blur of Fury

The other night, mom was sleepy and headed to bed. Me, being the awesome dog I am had a feeling something wasn't right, walked in and OMD what did I see? Winston the kitty was in there with mom ATTACKING her feets under the covers while she was reading her book!

Oh, this will not do!

So I did what any 70 pound petite damsel would do and jumped on the bed. Mom looked at me with annoyance and concern appreciation and confidence of me and Winston being on the bed together.

**NOTE: Photos were taken with mom's phone and altered to show up better since there wasn't too much light, making this all so much scarier in person! So they're not the best quality.**

I kept my eye on the kitty, because, as awesome as Winston is, he's still a kitty and can't be trusted.

He kinda slinked off to the side, but I kept my laser eyes focused on him.

Then I THINK he made his move for mom, that or I might have gotten a bit excited, but either way I launched into ACTIVE ANNA PROTEKTION MODE.

Mom couldn't even catch me on camera very well since I was so fast! Then she dropped the camera because I "may" have stepped/jumped on her and possibly crushed her legs as I ran Winston off the bed. Whew! Now she was safe!

Dad said all he heard was:

Mom: Anna, leave the cat alone...


Mom: Anna, leave Winston alo......


Mom: OWW! Anna! OWWW!!!

I think dad is making up stuff, that's totally not how it went down. :)


  1. Oh boy! We have a kitty, too. Watch out when they get older, they are sneaky and terribly sharp claws! BOL!

  2. OMD Anna.... surely your dad needs to take the Forgotten Cotton from his ears... It could NOT have been the way he THINKS he heard it.

  3. now if you weighed the same as kitty - it wouldn't of mattered :) :)

  4. We're glad we don't have a kitty sibling to have to deal with.

  5. BOL! I like your version better, but your dad's is pretty funny, too!


  6. I keep asking fur a khytty -

    Wonder why I khan't have one?