Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Work

So, mom and dad finally decided to do something...other than paint. They've been painting the outside of the house EVERY weekend for the past month! Geez! I supervise, of course, but it doesn't make for great photos.

Today, mom fnished most of her painting and decided to rake up some leaves and pine straw and stuff from the front yard...I decided to supervise out there too! Pinestraw is FUN to jump in!

Hmm...lets see if this pile passes inspektion!!!

So far, so good. Very comfy to lay in, check!

Wait, what's this?? A stick?? I'll have to dock you for that!
Uh oh, what's that?!?!

Ack! My nemisis the RAKE! Must attack!
Whew, now that's over, I'm going to do some thinking.....
and my best Khyra impersonation!


  1. Hi Anna,

    That's a comfy spot alright. You scare the rake monster away, didn't you?

    Licks, hero

  2. Anna, you look bootiful!!! Hope you got the rake monster (i think the rake monster is related to the vacuum dragon!)


  3. Hi Anna, You did a great job of helping your Mom with the Fall cleanup. Looks like you got that rake monster under control. Good Job!!
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. Hi Anna,

    You did a terrific job snoopervising your mom. I'm sure she couldn't have raked the yard without your help. BOL


  5. Anna, you did a good job out in the yard! Looks like you had fun jumping in the big piles.

  6. Hi Anna, We old peoples like to lay on piles of pinestraw too.

  7. You do a great job in supervising. I sure hope you got the rake monster under control. Those things can be very tricky but I know a good looking girl like you can handle it with no problem!

  8. Wow we thought that was Khyra in the last picture.

    We don't get pine straw, but our dog yard has wheat straw spread in it every few weeks. We love to help spread it. Tons of fun and the humans really appreciate the help.

  9. WHOA!

    So did I!

    I was trying to figure out how I had gotten to AL!

    I hope woo were handsomely khompensated fur the pawsome job woo did!


  10. Anna, you make a good Khyra poser. Great photos of you, you are really beautiful!!! Great job checking up on the Mom's work.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  11. Yikes! Don't even remind us, we are so far behind on the fall yard work and it's starting to get cold outside. If it's not cold it's raining or too windy.

  12. How would the hoomans ever get their yard werks done wifout our supervishuns? Good thing they has us to keep our eyeballs on them.

  13. Those rakes are pretty dangerous Anna, good job protecting everyone from it!!


  14. Hi Anna!

    You can take Frappie to help you in getting leaves and twigs although he sometimes does not wait for these to fall but yanks them off the branches. A little training would help. Sugar likes take home leaves and branches to mommy Princess basket. Would he be any help?

    It is fun to do chores once in a while. It makes zzzz time more rewarding. weeeee

    - Mocha & the Piappies