Monday, November 2, 2009

The Mystery of the Missing Hour

What a great weekend! We had our Tongue-tacular winner, I played with Rebel and Auburn won the football game versus the Ole Miss Rebels (no relation to my cousin Rebel).

But then something freaky happened...time went...umm...backwards?

Mom said it was due to some bull-larky called "daylight savings time." Apparently mom and all peoples set their clocks BACK an hour. I still don't know why the crap they did this, but it's caused some horrible consequences...

1. We ate dinner an HOUR later than normal...but mom said it wasn't dinner time yet but it really WAS dinner time, but it wasn't. I'm so confused. And hungry.

2. Simon is pissed. Simon gets fed a little can of kitty food each morning when mom wakes up. But when mom didn't wake up on time this morning he howled like a banshee making mom get up. After she got up she threw him in the laundry room with no canned food...mumbling something about that #%&!#! timechange and how the kitties have to learn the new feeding time. Simon finally got fed when she woke up an hour later, but he was still pretty ticked off.

So, I've decided to put on my Sherlick Holmes hat and try to find out where this hour went so everyone would be happy. I looked my toybasket, in the yard, behind the couch, everywhere. Nada, zip, zilch.

Then I remembered yesterday I saw a squirrel run up my tree, and I got to thinking how the squirrels stole my nuclear monkey arm...could the fuzzy bastards also steal time?!? Is this part of their stra-tee-gery in the great mutant squirrel war?! I'm going to have to keep looking!


  1. I think you are on to something Anna! BTW...I love your is very good looking on you! I have always wondered where that hour goes and where does it come from in the's the squirrels!! Not only are they stealing parts of your toys to build nests, they are putting landmines everywhere and messing with the time. We have to stop them!

  2. Hi Anna,

    It is kinda freaky how that hour just up and disappeared. I don't know if the tree rats have anything to do with it or not, but my Mom says not to worry cause we will find the missing hour come spring.


  3. I thought it only happened to us last night but it happened to you too? It woz dinner time and we all did the happy dinner dance but mom ignored us. Wassup with that? It took a whole hour to get her to serve dinner. We woz not happy. This is unexeptabul.

  4. Good work Anna!

    I think your investigations will turnip something in the springs ;=)


  5. Anna, please keep me posted, I am all confused here. My tummy alarm is on the old time and I don't get it. Please let me know if you can get that hour back, I am counting on you.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. We might have the missing hour, but we would never know. Why? Our humans believe that meals times should vary some rather than an exact time. How crazy is that?

  7. We think you are right, Anna. Those squirrels are always stealing things and hoarding them for winter. Mom said something about just wait until sometime in March and we get the hour back - do we really have to wait that long?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. I also think it is an evil squirrel plan to take over during that extra hour they have at night while we are sleeping!!


  9. Anna! My dogs couldn't agree more with you on waiting a WHOLE extra hour for dinner. Damn squirrels ruin it for everyone! they like to hord. so maybe they're hording time too...

  10. Anna, you should get together with Scout an' do some snoopering!

  11. Hey there Anna
    There is only one answer to your dilemma...
    Now remember, we didn't steal your time since our time has always stayed the same!!!