Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just Playing Pictures

Not much going on here...mom, dad and all of us are trying to adjust to the loss of our hour still. Mom woke up early (but really, it wasn't if we were on OLD time...so bloody confusing!) this morning and her sleep schedule is still off. :(

I do have some photos of Rebel and I playing. We've been playing a lot. Which means I CRASH at night. Mom and dad are wondering what I'm going to do when he leaves, but I think he'll never leave! He's been here this long, right!

Run run run!!

Preparing for my attack!

Gratuitus Booty shot

Rebel looking fur-o-cious!
On Squirrel Watch!


  1. Hi Anna,

    You and Rebel are playing one of my favorite games. Me and Banjo play Chase Me alot.


  2. I hope Rebel does not have to leave too soon you 2 are having way too much fun!!

  3. Wow! You look like you're really enjoying Rebel's company.

    P.S. Marge discovered a squished squirrel today... it wasn't a pretty sight, but I thought of you and your campaign. I say poor squirrel, Marge says, ohhh that's smelly. :P

  4. Great pix. Mom hates daylight saving time - it makes everything confusing plus it's totally unnecessary (at least here where summers are more or less without darkness anyways).

  5. It looks like you are having alot of fun playing with Rebel..maybe he can stay!! It's good to see that both of you are on squirrel patrol...I'm worried about them messing with the time, messing with my mind and those landmines!! Keep up the good work and have more fun playing..love the pictures!

  6. Looks like you and Rebel are having a blast Anna! Can't Rebel just stay? You are such a pretty girl my mommy said, and I have to agree, I love the last photo of you guys standing guard.

  7. Mom always says she doesn't know how she could live with just one pup, it is so nice to have a companion. That's easy to see with you and Rebel. How much longer is he going to stay?

    Mom hates this change in time because it gets dark too early at night and it is harder to get in a good walkie.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. Friends are great to play until you drop with aren't they???


  9. Having a friend to wrestle is so tiring - and so much fun.

  10. I'm glad woo are having so much fun!


  11. Lovely play pictures of you and Rebel! You must make use of every hour - you never know when another will be taken away.
    Lots of licks and enjoy squirrel chasing. Wish I was there to help.

  12. We get up an hour earlier now - we think - but that will change in the spring☺ Humans, they are so confusing...

  13. Looks like you've been having fun Anna.
    'Bout that lost hour thing, don't ya just love it when your human doesn't realize that they still need to feed you at the same time? Just because they say you've lost an hour doesn't mean we've lost that hour anywhere! Ha!

  14. what great fun! My momster has also been extra cranky since the time change..! and I'm cranky cause she insists that I have to wait one extra hour for my breakfast and dinner!!