Monday, November 30, 2009

Why is a Tree in the House??

I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day! I did! I played and played and played with Rebel and got to have a lot of "quality" time with mom and dad. It was awesome!

One thing is bothering me though...on Saturday mom and dad did something weird. They put a tree in our house. What the crap? And I'm not allowed to touch it! Double crap! Oh, and to add insult to injury, the kitties hide under it and mock me, but when I go to chew...err....kiss them mom and dad yell "get AWAY from the tree!"

Well, you put the stupid tree in the house! So whose fault is that?!? HMMMMMM??

I think I can handle the kitties, as long as no squirrels think they can stay there. I mean, mom and dad are just inviting the tree rats to come into our house. What are they thinking?!?! I supervised the whole process, to make sure they didn't hide a squirrel or anything.

No squirrels under here....

But seriously, what the crap mom?

Simon and I took a power nap after all the tree supervising. He's my favorite kitty. He doesn't swat at me and let's me put his head in my mouth with minimal fuss.

Here we are, watching and guarding the tree from squirrels. Acting like we're asleep is part of our stra-tee-ger-ee.

So, the tree is there. And mom keeps telling me to behave because "Santa is watching me". Who the crap is Santa?!?! I'm going to have to do some recon on this guy and find out why he's watching me...creepy!


  1. Trust me!

    It will get weirder -

    There are elves and things to khome!


  2. Love your tree!!! You better watch for those crazy squirrels. We put a little tree up the other day and suddenly there is a squirrel on my roof. We figure he is trying to get in here so we are on guard. It's great that you and your kitty can be friends. My sisters Angel and Lilly who are kitties don't like me..I think it's because I chase them. I wouldn't if they didn't run from me and hiss so much!!! Watch for the squirrels!!

  3. Hi Anna,

    I'm surprised you don't know who Santa Paws is. This must be your first Christmas. Soon you will discover what the tree is for. Our mom only puts up a little one on the tellyvision stand but that's okay with me so long as she doesn't forget to hang my stocking!


  4. Wow, your tree is up early! Good job to your pawrents -- I have a feeling we're going to be behind this year -- it doesn't even feel like winter, it's been 50 and 60 degrees for the past few weeks!

  5. At least you get into the same room as the tree. Because of some "past" incidents, we are not allowed.

  6. Oh anna, you have so much to learn - Santa is a good thing - and yes, you had best be good - he brings lots of great stuff. And tell your parents that they should be happy you are not a boy with that tree in the house:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. It really is hard to stay away from the Christmas decorations, and trees in the house is cruel and unusual treatment for us doggies!!
    Be strong!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  8. Ya know what? My mom put a thing in our house that also looks very much like a tree but it doesn't smell like one. I keep getting in trouble for wagging my tail by it. Apparently my tail hits this tree thing or something. I remember her doing this in past years too. It's there for about a month. Then she takes it apart and puts it all in a big box and brings it to the basement. I figured it's just 'cause mom likes to decorate or something.

    Good luck over at your house with the tree thingy and do keep us posted.
    ~Dalton, the black dog.

  9. Good job keeping a squirrel lookout Anna!! I am glad my parents just put up a little tree...I don't think a squirrel would fit in it...


  10. Mom stopped bringing trees inside the house coz they kept getting knocked over. We has no idear who woz doing that. (snicker)