Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking Trip? FAIL!

It's been a while since mom and I have gone out...the leaves are turning, it's nice and cool, let's go for a hike like Shawnee and her mom! What could go wrong?

Well, mom got on the puter and looked up for somewhere for us to go. She wanted to go hiking and there's not a lot of hiking close by--but then she discovered Wegofka--the state's best hidden treasure state park. Should have been clue number ONE that this would be bad...the words "best" and "hidden" together are NOT good.

So we load up, with some very simple directions for about a 45 min drive. It starts off easy, a right here, a right there and then it goes downhill. We can't find the road the park is off of. We drive all the way through waaaaay past where it should be for like an extra hour. We're on some scary county road, mom is getting frustrated and the road is really bumpy and curvy. Clue number TWO that this won't be a good trip--I toss my cookies.

The road was so curvy and bumpy so I puked in the back of the SUV. There was no where for mom to pull off cause of the county-roadness so I gave her "EWWW MOM! There's PUKE back here!" look in the rearview mirror. Finally we find a place to pull over and let me tell you, when I toss cookies, I toss cookies. All that morning's breakfast of turkey heart, egg and tripe, yeah it was good at the time, not so much now.

Mom gets most of it out and puts me in the backseat. By now she's muttering something like "damn it, I'm not having dog puke in my car and NOT finding this damn place!"

Finally, with help of her phone we find what we think is the road. It's a dirt road. And it goes up a mountain. So here we go! Then mom notices these signs...hmm...not very state park like and what I consider clue number THREE this isn't going to be a fun hike:

But we keep going, make it to the top of the mountain, see the tower thing that's supposed to give you great views and it has a big "No Trespassing" sign. Mom says screw it. I don't argue, we go up. We then see peoples and trucks and stuff up fearing a "The Hills Have Eyes" incident says let's go back down. But while there, we did get some great pics!

We did a little "rock climbing"

Posin' on a rock! It's just like Lion King!

I smelled lots of deer I am looking for deers

This is the tower thingy...we ran from it

Did get some great views though!!
When we got home, mom looked it up and that tower thing was in the state park, so we did make it. Mom said we're never going back though. We'll get some real hiking and trails in during Feb. when we go to North George-Ah for vacation. Sweet!


  1. Very nice pictures, even if the hike was shorter than you would have liked. I hope you find a nice new place to go really really soon!

  2. Wow Anna what a crazy adventure you had! I wonder what all those other hoomans were doing there? Does sound kinda spooky!


  3. Did woo hear my mom giggle?

    Then again, maybe it was a chukhkle!

    Woo have a talent fur khreative postings!

    I shake my floofy tail in your direkhtion!


  4. Oh, Anna, what an adventure! The tossing of the cookies was not so fun, was it? But your mom was determined to get there and you did. We always go on the same boring route for our walks, we need an adventure like yours.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Tossing cookies?? Rough & bumpy road huh? Sorry but at least your Mom sticks to it and you found the place and got some pics. That was quite an adventure. Glad you got home safe. We know you'll find some good hikes on your vacation.
    Ernie & Sasha
    PeeEss: you know we like the idea it was a squirrel that got in and did it. Not us uh uh no way>>>Think we'll stick with the squirrel story if it comes up again. Thanks.

  6. We sure are sorry you tossed your cookies on your trip. That isn't fun. Your trip sounds like the one my mom took me on back in the summer. She said she knew where she was going, she knew the directions completely and 6 hours later we are coming down this horrible interstate home which sure wasn't the country ride she was taking us on. At least you got some good pictures!!! My mom was too busy stopping and asking people were we were and how to get home, she forgot to take the pictures. I was totally worn out and asleep in the back floor. I probably would have tossed my cookies too but I didn't eat before we left on this little trip she wan't to go on which turned into a total 6 or 7 hour lost trip! Glad you made it home!!!

  7. Ok, except the tossing cookie thing, if you knew how many wrong turns we have made on our way for some trail - only to discover some other cooler trail. Stay tough!

  8. Poor Anna, tossing cookies!
    Let us know when you are coming to North Ga...
    that's where we live and we know lots of cool places to hike!

  9. Ummm, young laydee, I think those was hunters there. Where woz your blaze orange no-huntin-me vest? Ah, amateurs! I is BOLing at your misadventures. Sorry, but it is funnee. You got a grate seenik snapshot - luv it!

  10. Anna, sorry you had an upset tummy, yuck I can almost smell it from here. I know you couldn't help it though. That was quite an adventure. We get those deer-dogs in our back yard and I would stay away if I were you. They are soooo big and they run pretty fast. I like the pictures. I hope the next time you don't get sicky tummy.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  11. That was an insane adventure!! Sorry that you got sick on the ride.

    Woofs and Kisses!