Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dropped Off

Hey, it's Anna's mom. I dropped her off at the vet this morning and will update later today, or Anna will, if she's not too stoned.

~Dog Mom

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  1. Hi Anna! I'm a Dogs With Blogs friend of Mason Dixie, and when I read her latest post I was surprised to see a picture of my brother Zeke - only it wasn't Zeke - it was you! My brother Zeke is a German Shepherd who is 5 months old today, and the resemblance between you and Zeke is uncanny! All the markings are the same, he's just a little younger. He's just starting to get those black marks on his toes and grow his hair a little longer. I think your eyes are a little lighter, but otherwise he looks just like you do in your pictures. In fact, he looks more like you than his parents or siblings - it's just amazing! If you visit our blog, please don't mind all the Dogs With Blogs silliness - it's just dog lovers having a good time. Anyway, I'm so glad I found your blog - you're a BEAUTIFUL girl! I hope everything goes well at the vet's. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures!

    See ya!