Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Truth is Revealed

Do you see a problem with the above picture? I's a dog food bowl. With nothing in it. And it's not empty because I just ate. It's empty because mom and dad are going to with-hold food from me. Someone call the humane society on them, now.

This morning when mom and I woke up (well, when I woke her up by licking the side of her head) I just asked mom "Okay, what's going on tomorrow? My little puppy brain can't handle it and the kitties are no help and I'm having a complex!"

Mom explained that tomorrow morning I'm going to Dr. Vet where he's going to give me some sleepy medicine and then I'll wake up, be stoned out of my gourd, a little sleepy and then she'll come pick me up and take me home and I'll get to lay around with her on the bed and couch and be spoiled rotten. I won't feel like playing so we'll just take it easy, and we'll have to take it easy for a few days.

Sounds easy enough. Not near as bad as what I was thinking or anything like what Alley told me this morning of being "fixed" is when they turn you into a squirrel. I pondered this for hours, worried I'd turn into an evil, demon possessed squirrel since squirrels have no toys or squeaky toys...whew!

Then mom said this:

"Bad thing is, you can't eat anything after 10 tonight and no breakfast in the morning"
WOMAN?? What the crap?? No breakfast?? Why don't you just drop me off on the side of the road?? Breakfast is like, like the best thing ever (besides belly rubs and cat poop). It completes me! Huff.

But she assured me tonight I'll get a bunch of food, a pork neck bone and some puppy ice-cream. I think she's trying to buy my love. I guess that's okay though. Mom does seem a little stressed about it...but she says everything will be fine.

I did overhear her tell daddy on the phone that she knows everything will be fine but she'll feel much better when she gets me home. Awww....never mind mom, I won't call the humane society on you (plus I have no thumbs, I couldn't if I wanted too). I love you too. You're awesome.

But don't be surprised if I kick or throw a food bowl across the kitchen in the morning. You need coffee, I need kibble.

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  1. Run away now!!!!!! Find shelter in a home that will not take you to the vet tomorrow or turn you in. You can come stay here if you like. =)