Friday, April 24, 2009

Going to a Sleepover!!

Hey everybody! Sorry I've been MIA (no, not Mia the kitty but missing in action!). Not much has been going on. But today that's gonna change! Mom said she's leaving work early today and then we're going to go to a sleepover tonight!

First reaction: Sleep over what?? A bridge? A cow? A squirrel? Not at Dr Vet?!!?!?

Then mom said a sleepover is when we go "out of town" and visit people and stay at their house, like when Lola comes to visit. DO YOU KNOW HOW FRICKIN AWESOME THIS IS????

I barked at mom and started arranging my toys...should I take my NEW Bobo? My lamby? Amputee Nuclear Monkey? But mom said I don't need to take anything, that where we're going there's already toys. So, where are we going??

We're going to Aunti-Lou's to go see my cousins Lilly and SADIE!! I'm so excited. Lilly likes to chase me like she's a big dog. She's not. I'm actually not sure she's even a dog, but mom says she can't help it cause she's from's a French Bulldog thing. Sadie is a Golden like Joey! Here we all are when I was "little"
I know we're going to have so much fun! AND to make me totally pee myself, mom said Aunt Temple will be there tonight and they MIGHT bring Lola! Okay, there it goes, I think I just tinkled a little bit. For real. I'm so pumped!

So I'm sitting here waiting on mom to get her ass home so we can go. I've researched "sleep overs" and have all the necessary equipment. Sleeping bag, check. Girl Talk, check. Kaboodle with makeup for makeovers, check. Cheesy 80s movies. Check.

I'm ready to go!!!


  1. Anna, I am so sad I will not be able to meet you! Maybe if you stay the afternoon I can stop by Aunt Lou's. Give Aunt Lou a big sloppy doggy kiss for me. She needs one!

  2. Have a great time at your sleepover, Anna! Lilly and Sadie sound nice. I hope you don't look too much different after the makeovers - you look perfect just the way you are.

    See ya!

  3. I bet woo will stay up all hours of the night woo'ing ovfur things!

    Have a blast...maybe a game or two of Truth or Dare khould be fun?