Monday, April 20, 2009

I Sniffed So Many Butts...

Hey all! It's a "Monday" whatever that means...well, it means my mom has to leave and "go to work" which sucks, I'd much rather she stay home and play with me! Dang the man!

Saturday was AWESOME! Aunt Temple came down and brought cousin Lola! Then after Lola and I chased each other for like 30 minutes, we got in the car and went to the park. I thought mom was taking me to the creek so I could show Lola around, but instead we went up to where the dogpark is. I was like "great, old dog turds, get ready Lola" but when we got up there, there were like a gazillion people and cars and DOGS!

Okay, forgive my overexageration, but I'm a dog, I can't really count. Mom said it was like 100 people and their dogs. When we got out, at first I was scared. In all my seven months of life, I'd NEVER been in a crowd like this before. I mean, there was so much going on, I couldn't watch it all....and I'm a big watcher, so it was overwhelming. Lola told me it was all okay, this was her third year at Bark in the Park, she's a big deal so to just follow her around and she'd take care of me.

After sitting with mom for a while (and several attempts to run back to the car) we slowly made our way around. We met some kids (I love kids but I don't want mom and dad to get any, I like being their kid) and that was cool. Then I started meeting all these dogs. I mean, there were all kinds of dogs there. Little tiny dogs, puppies, big dogs, dogs in clothes, a dog that looked like a polar bear, some yappy dogs (which game me flashbacks to Gary Busey Barky Pants from when I got "fixed") and some of my relatives--German Shepherds! I even met some of Duncan's pals from his therapy dog group, PAWS. It was nice to sniff butts you know, ya know?
There was only one Lola though...but that's okay, Lola is a diva and there IS NO OTHER Lola! So after sniffing butts for like hours and getting petted and getting treats, I had a great time. Mom said she was soooo proud of me. The only thing I still don't like is strollers or anything like that. The noise of the wheels is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Ouch!

They even had a "kiddie pool" which had no kids in it, only dogs. Mom wanted me to drink out of it, I just stood in it. It was sunny, I'm all black, I was hot yo! Then I sat in it, oh my butt felt good. Then I decided to lay in it...OMG it was so amazing! Mom said she'd get me a kiddie or "puppy" pool this summer. Pool party at my house!!!! Even Lola got in it!

When we went home, Lola and I fought over my free PetSmart goldfish squeaky toy I got. Then Aunt Temple and Lola left and I passed out! Man I was tired! It was a great day said this weekend we might go see cousins Sadie the Golden Retriever and Lilly the French Bulldog, Aunt Lou's dogs. Sweet!!

I let Lola have it....I had the TV tray table so HA!

How was your weekend??


  1. Hi Anna! It sounds like you had a great time with Lola! Zeke and I want to come to your pool party!

    See ya!

  2. No wonder you were tired, Anna, that was a very full day. All that butt sniffing would tire us out too. We had a pool once but all we did was drink out of it. Mom said it wasn't worth the bother but see, two of us don't like to get wet. Thunder Dunder loves to be wet but he likes to get wet in the rain.

    Happy week - hope Mom gets home soon.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. What a great weekend you had, mine was sorta boring mom was in and out all weekend long so not much to report here. =)