Friday, April 3, 2009

What needs Fixed?

The parents are plotting something....I can feel it.

Mom and dad were talking today and mom said she's "made an appointment for Anna to get fixed."

I have no idea what the appointment if for, or what needs fixing, but I do know the word "Anna" was used and it was not followed by "treat, food, toy, pretty girl or walk".

Also after hearing this, two of the kitties, Mia and Alley, pointed at me and laughed. They refuse to tell me what this "fixin" is about.

I do not have a good feeling about this.

My appointment is for next Thursday. That gives me five days to figure out what the hell this means. I plan on cornering the kitties and making them spill it...I also will be listening with my giant ears to get more details from the parents.

Duncan is of no help. Simon just stares at me and sings some lyrics of the Final Countdown by Europe...sometimes I really hate the kitties.

I guess I'll whip out my toolbelt and see if I can fix whatever it is by Thursday, that way I won't have to be fixed, I'll have already fixed it. Hmmm.....


  1. Tootie read this over my shoulder and told me to tell you this:


  2. Uh oh.....I will DEMAND an explanation from the kitties!!!

  3. Hello there, thanks for stopping by to say hi. And I hope you will need the tool belt for this fix they are talking about.