Monday, April 6, 2009

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Soo...the kitties turned out to be a complete wash. Last night Mia slowly freed each kitty toy, which I took from her then got in trouble for having in my mouth. But, mom stepped up and put all the kitty toys in a drawer. Take THAT kitties!!

Saturday mom had to take dad something at the firestation. I love the firestation. I like running around sniffing stuff, plus I always get lots of treats. Mom said she can't believe she's never taken any pictures of me at dad's work, so she took the camera. I must say, I look pretty good, oh, and dad does too.

All the firemen were laughing talking about how they had all had their daughters up there that day and now with me, it was a complete "Bring your daughter to work day". For some reason they found this hilarious. They also joke it's funny to have a police dog at the firestation. This is getting old. I ain't no police dog. I'm a squirrel hunting dog. Geez.

Here are some pics of me at daddy's work. I'm off to go see how else I can torture the kitties....

Everything looks in order....

See, wha'd I tell ya, treats!!!!

Doing "focus" work with daddy...aka getting treats for looking at him....

Mom likes this photo...I'm smiling with my eyes....

Mom really likes this photo...I'm FIERCE!!!!!


  1. Anna, love your pics, your so cute!

    Maggie, the beagle mix, says getting fixed wasn't so bad. You'll be just fine!

    Visiting from SITS!

  2. Great pics.

    Tootie told me to tell you to never trust a cat. Or a squirrel. Or a cupcake that squeaks. Or a vet. Basically, as a chihuahua, she trusts nothing and no one.