Thursday, April 9, 2009


Anna's home...she's stoned. She threw up in the car on the way home. Twice. She's still giving me the stink eye.

We've drank water, eaten a piece of cheese with her pain pill and two pieces of kibble. We've made it out to potty.

She's become very attached to lamby, as seen here. Thanks for all the well wishes. Hopefully she can tell you everything that happened tomorrow, but now she's mom's little patient and is sleeping. The kitties are even leaving her alone.

~Dog Mom


  1. Glad to hear Anna's home and fine.

  2. Hope she will be feeling better soon. =)

  3. We had out baby done 2 weeks. We took her stitches out today. They recover so fast. How to keep a whirlwind 60lb calm for a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!